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About us

Naamani Groups is a professional tourism agency based in Ouarzazate, in the south of Morocco across the High Atlas Mountains from Marrakesh.
We would like to share with you the dream of the south of Morocco, the dreams of the dunes in the Sahara, the majesty of the mountains, gorges and valleys, and the spirit of nomadic life in the oases, Kasbahs and villages.
We offer a selection of trips and Day Trips of different lengths and destinations to explore and discover this other Morocco full of peace, charm, simplicity and starlight nights. The desert is another dimension, a world apart from what we know and expect.
In the expanse of the dunes there are no distractions to appreciating man’s greatest treasure – his own soul. Nothing exists but the undulating sand, the expansive sky, the moon, the stars and silence. Here, there is room for meditation; reflection on the essence of life and the magic within it.


Our  team is composed of professional people with extensive experience in tourism and traveling. Their first and most essential duty is to ensure your comfort, satisfaction and well being. With the diversity of itineraries we have available, we are able to make you enjoy the journey of your dreams which fulfill your passions and likes. With Naamani Groupe (Morocco sahara desert tours | Global trek), your days in Morocco will be an unforgettable experience and they will become lifetime memories.
Habib  Naamani  
Moroccan Saharan nomad, was born in the desert at Erg Cheggaga, where he spent his childhood. He is happiest out in the dunes and set up Namani Groups as co-owner and director to be able to offer others desert experiences.
The lack of rain forced the family to leave their nomadic life and base themselves in the ancestral house in the village (ksar) of M’hamid El Ghizlane. Although many Moroccans have never visited M’hamid, they know its romantic name which conjures up the image of the gazelles that used to roam this area.
Habib  is an experienced and much acclaimed tour guide around the whole of the south, stretching from Ouarzazate in the west to the Dades and the Toudra Gorges and to Merzouga in the east, and south to Zagora and the dunes of Erg Cheggaga. In the last few years he has increased his knowledge of this area through accompanying clients into the mountains and west to Agadir.
His first guiding experiences were gained accompanying treks into the dunes, travelling several days with camels and all the necessary camping equipment. He taught them how to cook over a camp-fire, bake bread in the sand, pitch a tent as well as some camel lore. He is happiest out in the desert and set up Desert Majesty as co-owner and director to be able to offer others desert experiences.
Habib speaks Moroccan Arabic, Hassani (the Arabic spoken by the nomadic people in this region and in the Western Sahara), English and French and knows a smattering of phrases in German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese taught him by clients.


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